There are so many brands, and designs within brands, of kitchen knives.  How can you know which one is right for you?  In our overview review of the best kitchen knives, we discuss the top performers.  Any of the knives mentioned in that review would out perform the needs of any home chef.  However, there is one design of knife that stands out among the rest.  If you are a serious cook who seeks to have the finest quality knife available, we suggest that you consider the Shun Ken Onion chef’s knife.

The Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife

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Shun Ken Onion Chef's KnifeImmediately out of the box, the Shun Ken Onion chef knife grabs your attention with its innovative and modern design. Be careful!  This baby is razor sharp straight out of the box.

This versatile knife is manufactured by Kershaw, and was created by Ken Onion, one of the world’s top knife designers.  He is a mulit-awarded designer of inventive and original knives. What makes this knife popular among many cooks and chef’s whether at home or in professional kitchens is how comfortable they are to hold. This design features a Damascus blade characterized by a generous tip, curved cutting edge, and wide surface area designed to quickly and easily prep food with little effort. It has a specially contoured bolster that gives the knife excellent balance. The design of the handle further ensures comfort while working by releasing arm tension and allowing smoother movements..

This Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife is forged from a VG-10 stainless-steel which allows it to resists corrosion and rust as well as keep its sharp edge for a long, long time. It Pakkawood handle meanwhile is designed to have both strength and beauty with a deep, warm glow that displays a lovely line. However what makes the handle truly remarkable is that it is a well-balanced, highly maneuverable tool that feels just perfect in the hand without slipping or rubbing.

The Shun Ken Onion is available in different style and several blade sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 14 inches.  Here we will discuss the most popular designs.

Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife Elite

Part of the outstanding Shun Elite collection, this eight-inch chef’s knife is distinctive with its curved black handle, another innovation from the award-winning custom knife designer. It is made of PakkaWood which is actually a combined hardwood-resin. It displays an inlaid traditional Japanese emblem and fine rings of copper and brass near the bolster. The design is truly ergonomic for the purpose of increasing control and at the same time reducing stress and strain on the hands during long periods of chopping, mincing, and slicing.

The Shun Elite knives collection is known for their incredible sharpness which is due to the use of a new powdered steel alloy known as SG-2. The SG-2 will create a smooth-as-silk knife edge, formed with a 16 degree angle that allows cooks and chefs to cut uniformly thin slices.

Another distinctive design that makes this knife captivating is the “hamon,” which is actually a flourish etched along the edge of the blade akin to samurai swords.

Initially, using this knife may feel awkward to those who are used to more traditional knives.  However, give the knife a chance and, as with most, you may never use another knife again.

Shun Ken Onion Santoku Knife

Part of the Shun Ken Onion Series knives, this style is also made from premium materials such as VG10 super-steel and PakkaWood. It also has the distinctive suminagashi blade pattern as the Shun Classic knives. What sets this Hollow Ground Santoku apart is the handle which is curved to settle into the natural contours of your hand. Meanwhile the blade’s belly is curved to reduce cutting fatigue as well as to give the knife excellent versatility.  This santoku knife has a wider bolster with a contour curved thumb and forefinger rests that significantly eases and diminish tension during the food prep.

Each style knife, whether the Ken Onion Chef’s Knife or Santoku knife, will be sure to satisfy.  The choice is simply up to the users preference.  Find the knife for you, click here.

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