There are various kinds of kitchen knives that are available in the market now and each of them are designed for specific purpose. Sometimes the differences in design create discussions as to what is the most appropriate and the best to use. This could not be more true in the continuing comparison between the santoku vs chef knife. These two knives are distinct particularly in shape and other design features and these differences make them perform either well or less effective in various tasks. Experts and various users would argue on the merits of each knife and will point out why the other is better. So what is a santoku knife and how does this differ from the regular chef knife?santoku vs chef knife

Santoku vs Chef Knife – How A Does Santoku Knife Differ From The Traditional Chef Knife?

Santoku is a Japanese made knife which is well known to many users for its sharp edge, which can be either beveled or hollow ground. These types of designs greatly improve and enhance the overall performance of this knife. Santoku is a Japanese term which means “three virtues” which actually attest to its effectiveness in slicing, cutting, dicing and chopping meat, vegetables and fish. These functions are typically associated with chef knives hence the constant comparison between the two.

Shape of the Blade

Compared to the regular chef knives which many people are familiar with, the main distinction of a santoku knife is the shape. The regular chef’s knife features a rounded blade form which allows the user to slice and dice the ingredient in a rocking motion. On the other hand, the blade of a santoku knife has a straight edge which allows it to make horizontal and straight cuts much easier using up and down motion.

In addition, the blade of the santoku knife also features a ‘granton edge’ release pattern which makes not only makes it look good but also enables it to keep thin slices and sticky ingredients from attaching on the blade.

With its unique styling  that makes santoku knives appear like a narrow-bladed cleaver, this knife is intended to be comfortable, provide a well-balanced grip, and full blade use.

Length of the Blade

Another aspect that illustrates the difference between santoku vs chef knife is the length of the blade. The former normally would measure from 5-7 inches though much shorter kinds are also available. Meanwhile the latter typically would be 8-12 inches long however shorter or longer blades can be found as well. Santoku would be ideal for people who have small hands and who may have difficulty using the bigger and longer size chef knives.

There are many brands of excellent santoku knives available on the market today.  We’ll highlight some of the most popular below.

Shun Classic Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Shun Classic KnivesThis is actually a 6-1/2-inch Japanese santoku knife which means that it would be perfect for chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing as expected of this kind of knife. Its blade is made using  forged VG 10 stainless-steel covered in 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel to create that rust-free Damascus appearance. The blade also has a scalloped edge which is a design as mentioned earlier not just to create a distinct look but also intended to prevent food ingredients from sticking on the blade while being sliced, diced, etc. Furthermore this item also features a D-shaped Pakkawood handle that is sure to be solid and long lasting. Finally, this knife also has comfortable offset steel bolster.

Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

Shun Premier SantokuThis is a 7 inch Japanese made santoku knife ideal for easy and fast cutting of food ingredients. Its blade is made using VG 10 steel covered in 32 layers of stainless Damascus steel.  The blade also features a hand-hammered finish which gives it a hollow-ground surface. This features a Pakkawood handle as well especially made to allow the user to have a comfortable yet firm grip.

“Ah, the ole’ santoku vs chef knife battle…on the other hand we have the quintessential chef’s knife, the Wusthof Classic.”

Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Wusthof Classic KnivesMade by a German company which is widely respected in the industry, this product is a perfect example of a cook’s or chef’s knife. Wusthof Classic knives feature an 8 inch blade designed to deliver an excellent performance when used for cutting, slicing, and others. The blade is made using high carbon steel which is stain and rust resistant. In addition the blade is hand honed to provide razor sharp characteristic and the sharpness will also stay for a long period. This knife is also widely praised for its perfect balance brought about by the design that extends the steel use for the blade up to the handle. Finally it features a bolster which is smooth and comfortable to the hand which makes it a breeze to use.

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