A Kyocera Knife Set by Ming Knives basically consists of two of the best selling Kyocera ceramic knives which are similarly popular due to its beauty and practicality. It essentially contains a Santoku 5.5 inch knife and a three-inch paring knife. A Kyocera ceramic knife set is ideal for home cooking. It could also be used day after day and is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite partner in the kitchen.

Believe it or not, a Kyocera knife set is included in Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010.

Kyocera Knife Set

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Kyocera Knife SetThis knife set is essentially great for vegetables, fruits as well as boneless meats. You can easily use the knife for convenient mincing, dicing, julienning and slicing. Meanwhile, the paring knife is also best for trimming, cutting, peeling and seeding. Take note that Oprah uses only these knives in her kitchen.  These also make perfect and thoughtful presents for a hostess or the home cook. Currently, a Kyocera knife set can be had in either black or white blades.

The ceramic blade of the Kyocera knife set is ground to precise microscopic details using diamond wheels to achieve rock-like edginess and premier sharpness retention. It is also resistant to juices, acids, salts, oil and does not rust. Plus, it is light and is perfectly balanced when held. Its ergonomic handle decreases fatigue during repeated cutting. Be aware that it should only be hand-washed and sharpened solely by a Kyocera electric sharpener. Kyocera does offer free sharpening services, but the knive must be mailed in. Besides these benefits, be aware of a few disadvantages of a Kyocera knife set. For one, its blade has the tendency to become brittle and  it can only be sharpened by sending it back to the manufacturer. Remember though, that the Kyocera knife set stays extremely sharp up to ten times longer than standard blades.

Those who have actually purchased and used the knives have varying opinions on the product. A first-time user found it quite difficult to get used to the knives at first since the Kyocera ceramic knife set felt “different” compared to high-end knives made of steel, such as the Shun Classic. Also, some claim to have found the way the knife  glides easily through tomatoes to make such thin slices you could practically see through them to be a bit creepy as well as amazing. Be extremely careful though as these knives are very sharp. Anyone can make cuts as thin as you like with a consistency that is unparalleled with Kyocera knives. Plus, these knives are very easy to clean.

For some, the price of such a knife set could be a bit costly. But do not forget though that an investment such as this will essentially last a whole lifetime. All in all, if you have ever attempted to cut a vegetable using a blunt knife, you practically know the value of possessing decent quality cutlery. Also, having a Kyocera knife set in your kitchen makes a relevant difference not just in prep time but also in the final appearance of the food. While excellent knives could cost thousands of dollars, the Kyocera Ceramic knife set does not cost as much.  You can basically have it for less than $100.  To compare prices, click here.

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