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When it comes to fine knives, there are only a few brands that stand out in the industry and one of the leading names would be JA Henckels.  This company is the largest knife manufacturer in the world. Founded in Solingen, Germany in 1731, this brand has almost three centuries experience in making knives making it very well established and reputed in terms of producing high quality knives. This company offers several lines of knives. Every JA Henckels knife set has it own distinct qualities which make them ideal for certain preferences as well as for various users.

Various JA Henckels Knife Set Lines

JA Henckels Knife Set

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The Four Star Henckel Knife set for instance is fully forged, with a molded handle made of polypropylene and a tang which extends into the handle. Its more recent version which is the TWIN Four Star II set is mostly similar in features except for a stainless steel end cap. Meanwhile the TWIN Select series knives are distinctive for their ergonomic stainless steel handles. The TWIN Cuisine set on the other hand has a fully exposed, horizontal tang embedded in a polypropylene handle. The TWIN Professional “S” set is recognizable for its traditional 3-rivet polypropylene handle.

These various JA Henckels knife sets can also be classified according to the materials they are made of. For instance the TWIN Select, Four Star, Four Star II, and Professional “S” are all forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel while the TWIN Cermax series have micro carbide powder steel with clad layers as its main material. The TWIN Cuisine JA Henckels knife set on the other hand is forged from one piece of steel using a traditional hot drop forging technique.  Lastly, the TWIN Gourmet and Signature knives are stamped from a single piece of steel.

When you are searching for the right knife for your kitchen, high quality craftsmanship and durability should be your main considerations. It should be precisely and  expertly crafted, completely safe by providing a secure grip and have correct balance and ergonomic design.  In addition it should last a long time, can resist corrosion and it should maintain a sharp cutting edge for a very long period . The various Henckels Knife set will surely live up to these standards and can certainly give you satisfaction in terms of performance. Let us further look closely at the qualities of these knife sets as a way to help you in deciding which would be suitable for your purpose.

JA Henckels Knife Set Options:

JA Henckels Pro S Knife Set – A Top Pick Here At Best Kitchen Knives Reviewed

This line is the most popular and sought after among  JA Henckels knives.  It is easily distinguished by its 3 rivet handle design.  It features an excellent quality forged blade which is welded to the handle. The blade, though, maybe not as sharp the first time you use it but once sharpened to your desired level, it guarantees to maintain that state for a long period.

Twin Select JA Henckels Knife Set
What knife professionals find excellent about JA Henckels Twin Select Knife set is that it has an all stainless steel look that makes it very attractive. Aside from that, these knives are also praised for its comfortable, ergonomic,  and stainless steel handles, though there maybe some who have difficulty with their grip in situations where they have wet or greasy hands. Furthermore, the blade’s edge of this knife is very sharp however users may have problems with its large bolster since this makes the knife difficult to sharpen at the base.

JA Henckels Twin Cermax Knife Set
This particular Henckels Knife Set is not actually manufactured in Germany but in Japan. They are made as an alternative to the high end Japanese knives which have become very popular these days.  This particular line boasts a very sharp blade and a handle which has an excellent ergonomic design. Many knife experts also praised the outstanding fit and finish of this knife set.  When it comes to price tag however, this set maybe a bit pricey however the quality in performance will surely make up for that.

JA Henckels Four Star II Knife Set
The more recent version of the Four Star knife set, the  Henckels Twin Four Star II features a blade with a handle that has a metal cap. Some experts  however see this extra metal in the handle as a rather drawback on the performance of this knife since it moves the balance point back to the handle making the knife uncomfortable to hold  because the user will tend to fight the weight.

JA Henckels Twin Cuisine Knife Set
This particular set is another replacement to a previously manufactured line by this company known as the Five Star line. The Henckels Twin Cuisine Knife set still features the same blade though but with a another similar heavyweight handle just like the Four Star II line. It also has the extra metal in the handle feature which to some knife professionals makes this set rather uncomfortable to the grip since it lacks the right balance.

JA Henckels, a knife manufacturer based out of Solingen, Germany makes many different lines of cutlery, but is popular for their excellent quality JA Henckels knives.   They are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of chefs knives and have a strong reputation for durable, quality knives.

J.A. Henckels makes a variety of kitchen knives that spans all price ranges.  We, at Best Kitchen Knives Reviewed, obviously only want to review the best of the best.  So that’s why we’ll only be reviewing, in our humble opinion, the top three JA Henckels knives: the Henckels Pro S, the Henckels Twin Cermax, and the Henckels Twin Select.  Onward!

JA Henckels Knives Reviews:

Henckels Pro S

The Henckels Pro S is Henckels best selling line and ranks very highly with us as well.  These knives were designed with professional chefs in mind with a forged blade, a bolster for balance and durable Novodur handles bonded to the full tang.  As with most traditional German knives, the blade won’t be as sharp as you may want out of the box.  Give it some love and the edge will last for a very long time.

JA Henckels Knives

The Henckels Professional S line uses several grades of steel when making their knives, opposing the idea that a single blank of steel makes a stronger knife.  The blade is made from a steel that has a higher carbon and chromium content which allows the blade to hold an edge longer.  The bolster is made from a steel that has less carbon, so it resists corrosion.  Pretty cool stuff.

The knife features Henckels famous three rivet, ergonomic handle.  This is one handle that I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone complain about.  The handle gives you a lot of control while the bolster gives you the balance you need.  Both of which are a must in the kitchen when doing a lot of prep work.

Verdict? Can’t you tell we’re practically drooling over this one?

Henckels Twin Cermax

Here again, Henckels produces an excellent knife.  JA Henckels introduced the Henckels Twin Cermax a few years ago when popularity surged for Japanese kitchen knives.  These knives are noted as combining “German steel with Japaneses manufacturing.”  Henckels is sometimes thought of as having humdrum, average looking knives, but this knife is different.  It’s a beaut!

The blade is incredibly sharp and is the sharpest we’ve seen right out of the box.  It is crafted from microcarbide steel which makes the blade crazy hard and razor sharp.  The knives possess great balance with full-tang, triple riveted construction.

The handle is made from black Micarta and is quite heavy. It is rumored that Henckels did this intentionally.  These knives were made for the consumer and not commercial chefs and apparently most consumers want heavier handles.  The shape of the handle does fit well in the hand.

Verdict? Once we got past the heavy handle, this knife was a dream to use.  Bravo!

Henckels Twin Select

The Henckels Twin Select kitchen knife is made from high-carbon stainless steel with a broad blade and curved edge.  The weight of the knife is perfect for chopping, slicing, and dicing.

These knives feature a large bolster which gives great balance and stability.  Their stainless steel handles are ergonomic and comfortable, but can be somewhat hard to grip with wet hands.

This knife is almost identical to the Henckels Pro S, but with a different handle.  We obviously prefer the handle on the Henckels Pro S.  The Pro S is also a little less ‘delicate’  and easier to care for than the Twin Select, but you may think otherwise.

Verdict? Great knife.  Beautiful, yet slippery handle.


Although some  knife knuts may turn their noses up at the JA Henckels brand, it is mainly due to their very low quality, dare I say it, cheap lines of knives that are found in Walmarts everywhere. However,  JA Henckels knives, like the ones listed above, are very good quality and will be able to handle any job that you throw at it, whether you be a casual cook or a professional chef.

The ‘perfect’ knife is all about personal preference, but we believe JA Henckels knives should be given a fair shot along with the rest. For more information on this exceptional knives, Click Here